Send Load From Kuwait to The Philippines

A contribution from a loyal Morbie customer:

I am an overseas Filipino worker stationed here in Kuwait. I have been working here with my husband for three years and this is the year that we get to bring our lovely daughter to stay with us here. Finally we can be a family just like we were back home in the Philippines. I can still remember all of those times when I needed to send load Kuwait to Philippines every single week so that our young daughter will be able to speak with us on a regular basis. We do not have the ability to go home as often as we would like and so we relied on the ability to send load Kuwait to Philippines whenever we needed to have a conversation or simply keep in touch with the relatives that we left behind.

I work as a household maid in the morning and unlike the other Filipinos here I get to go home in the evening. My husband works for a factory in Kuwait City. We earn a decent living here and lucky for us we got to have some very generous employers. We have been working for the same bosses ever since we arrived here a few years back. They treat us well and we work well. I remember last Christmas I was able to send load Kuwait to Philippines to tell my daughter about the good news that my employer will help us to fix her documents so that she will be a legal citizen here.

We have been blessed. I remember that at the time I needed to send load Kuwait to Philippines on a weekly basis and there were times when we needed to send load Kuwait to Philippines almost every day. It got a bit expensive but we got through. Now it is a big help for us since we can live with our daughter here and she can enjoy the things we have worked for during our stay in Kuwait.

I think she will be excited when I send load Kuwait to Philippines and she hears about the new school she will be attending . She will love the fact that she can make plenty of new friends easily. The people are very welcoming here. They treat foreigners well. We have adjusted and made local friends of our own. Even with the religious differences we all get along. I think my daughter would simply love Kuwait and she will want us to send load Kuwait to Philippines so that she can tell her uncle about it. They are pretty close.

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  1. How to send zain load to philippines maam im also here in kuwait i tried many times to trnsfer i search and the result is invalid mmi . My daughter is waiting for the load transfèr but i dont know how

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