Bring Your 2 Homes Together – Send Load from Canada to the Philippines Now

Canada is where many overseas Filipino workers are staying right now, and they have all the reason to feel at home. It is a country known to have fair weather and good-natured people. But in case they need to connect to their fellow Filipinos, all they have to do is start sending load from Canada to the Philippines and they will be able to text their families and friends as much as they want.

With the help of such occurrences as the emergence of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Western Canada and the Philippines; contracts signed in Atlantic Canada; consistent hiring of workers in Central Canada; and increased activity in Northern Canada, Filipinos have become the largest Southeast Asian group in the country. Its government has adjusted the immigration laws and made them into more liberal ones, therefore welcoming more and more foreign laborers. In fact from 2001-2006, an average of 20,500 Filipino immigrants alone arrived in the country every year. Currently, around 500,000 Filipinos are there already, most of whom live in urbanized areas like the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or Vancouver. Continue reading “Bring Your 2 Homes Together – Send Load from Canada to the Philippines Now”