Sending Load from UAE to the Philippines – a Comfort You Deserve

Are you a hardworking Filipino in the United Arab Emirates? Do you send money and other living necessities to your family in the Philippines? If so, then why not do it the easy way?

Send load from the UAE to the Philippines through the internet! With just a few clicks, you will be able to give your family members those valuable cell phone credits that they will use to text or call when managing their daily activities.

Morbie is dedicated to giving you this service. Morbie has a range of load denominations (from Sun Cellular to Smart, to Globe) too so that you can choose how much to send depending on your budget or the recipient’s needs.

Around 4.3% of the overall population in the United Arab Emirates is formed by Filipinos like you. Most are overseas workers, who live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. They work in different industries of the country, including architecture, construction, cargo shipping, design engineering, energy, information technology, marketing, medicine, real estate, retail, telecommunications, and tourism or as domestic helpers.

So yes, we know that you work hard and that the fact that you can send load from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines will also be a big help for you. By sending load instantly, you also make it possible to communicate with your family and friends as soon as you want. You would not have to wait for them to buy from outside their houses or offices. And those unexpected zero load balance situations will never be a problem anymore for them as well. You can be the one to send load from UAE to the Philippines when you need for them to reply.

The large amount of remittances that are sent back to the Philippines because of your dedicated labor is very much appreciated. That is why everyone is doing what they can to make things easier for you as well. For more available transportation, airlines have already increased the number of direct flights from the UAE to the Philippines. And for better communication across the 2 countries, telecommunication companies are improving their services as far as they can.

Now that you can send load from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines, emergency situations where you have to talk to someone in the Philippines will already be hassle-free. At the very least, your hard work deserves little comforts like these.