Send Load From Germany to Philippines as I Walk in Munich

It has been a while since I was able to send load to the Philippines but life got pretty hectic for me these past few weeks. I was in the middle of arranging a trip with some friends you see and so everyone was doing something and there was no time to send load or do anything else. But now that the trip is over I can tell you everything in this letter. I wanted call you up but you insisted on exchanging posts so I obliged.

About a dozen of us guys went to Munich to celebrate a friend’s birthday and get some much needed rest and relaxation in before the long work days ahead. Our arrival was just at the same time that Munich was holding its dark beer festival. The fest was like a mini Oktoberfest. So when we arrived we headed straight to Paulaner Beer Hall. I remembered that I was preparing to send load from Germany to the Philippines during this time. I wanted to because I was so amazed at how big this beer house was. I just wanted to tell what I’m seeing to someone. It did not seem like any old pub but resembled a stadium nonetheless. It was huge. Continue reading “Send Load From Germany to Philippines as I Walk in Munich”