Share a Load

Full length of young men and women holding cellphoneAs someone who loves texting and receiving text messages, there’s nothing I hate more than when my friends or text-mates run out of load. In this hi-tech world where load credits are sent and shared easily, there is no excuse not to send a text message or two to a friend who needs to get cheered up or be greeted from time to time.

Let me tell you why I love texting so much and how I share load with a friend to make sure my text messages won’t stop coming.

First, I love texting because I feel it is more intimate than talking with someone on the phone. In some cases, I even prefer it over face-to-face conversation. A text message to me is intimate because no one else around me can know about it. It’s secret, sacrosanct and special. It’s not even about what was said or what’s in the text message. For me it’s the exclusivity; it’s the idea that that text message was for me and for me alone.

Second, I appreciate getting a text message because it was sent with effort, with intention. It took that person who sent me the message time to sit down, compose a message in his head and key in the words – letter by letter – and spend a peso just to text me. Sometimes my friends don’t bother sitting down at all but continue walking or crossing the street while texting just so they could me send me their message on time. That’s dangerous and ill-advised, I know, but I appreciate the effort.

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