Everything About Smart Communications

As of writing, Smart Communications is one of the top mobile service provider in the Philippines today. With the most number of subscribers and the largest area network coverage, it’s no wonder people are flocking to this network like crazy.

The network prefix codes for Smart subscribers are:

  • 907
  • 908
  • 909
  • 910
  • 912
  • 918
  • 919
  • 920
  • 921
  • 928
  • 929
  • 930
  • 938
  • 939
  • 989
  • 999

As Smart continues to grow and evolve, here are the list of products it currently offers:

Smart Infinity

Smart’s Premium or high end postpaid service offering subscribers exclusive offers, premium phone packages and privileges fit for a king.

Smart Gold

The normal postpaid service of Smart Communications catering to the young and old alike. Anyone can get a postpaid plan with Smart.

Smart Buddy

Not interested in getting a postpaid plan? Then a prepaid Smart Buddy plan might be the thing for you.

Talk ‘N Text

Another mobile service provider that is in actuality a subsidiary of Smart. Using the prefix 912, Talk ‘N Text is reported to have close to 13 million subscribers and sponsors a professional basketball team in the Philippines under the same name.

Red Mobile

Currently assigned the area code 938, Red Mobile has had a very interesting story into becoming a brand under Smart Communications. Red Mobile provides highly affordable, yet very high quality 3G services to its subscribers.

Smart Talk

Welcome to the world of unlimited phone calls. Call and talk for as long as you want with any of the 38 million Smart subscribers.

Addict Mobile

Another mobile service rolled out by Smart to cater to a niche market, offering basic call and SMS services.

Smart Kid

A now defunct service offered by Smart for children. Used to have both prepaid and postpaid plans.

Smart 3G

UMTS network for Smart subscribers, which offers video calls, on-demand streaming and low-speed internet browsing.

Smart ZED

Multi-platform infotainment products and services; The service includes games, messaging services and stock prices.

Smart Money

A cashless based transaction in a reloadable cash card linked to the MasterCard network.

Smart Padala

A cash remittance service via text, from a sender outside the Philippines to the cellphone of a beneficiary in Philippines

Smart BRO

Always stay connected even when on the go with Smart BRO. The ultimate internet companion for everyone.



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