Filipinos, Morbie and 400 Million Text Messages a Day

The Filipinos are known for many things and one of them is their love to be with each other. They simply have to talk, eat together and have fun. If you live in the United States and happen to be neighbors with a Filipino family, don’t be surprised to see a bunch of people coming to visit every weekend for a family gathering. It is not unusual for cousins, nieces, uncles, aunties, godparents, and other Filipino relatives to come for a party; sometimes even including cousins of cousins, uncles of uncles, or relatives of friends and neighbors. They are a happy close-knit bunch.

Love + Family = Filipino

If you are traveling to the Philippines, don’t be surprised to see pretty much the same. Families regularly gather for parties and reunions. They love to hang out and talk about other relatives, religion, politics, showbiz news, and practically anything and everything under the sun. This is true in the Philippines, in the US and anywhere else in the world where there are Filipinos.

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