Send Load to the Philippines from Australia

Howdy, mate!  Did you know that Australia is one of the countries with the most Filipino immigrants and workers? Due to the opportunity it opens for skilled and professional workers, it is no secret that up to this day, Australia provides the best jobs for Filipinos. Despite this, Filipino-Australians and Filipinos still want to keep in touch with their families from their motherland. And in today’s technological age, the most common way to do this is through communicating by cellular phones. If you want to know how to send load to the Philippines from Australia, read on and find out. Continue reading “Send Load to the Philippines from Australia”

Send Load From Germany to Philippines as I Walk in Munich

It has been a while since I was able to send load to the Philippines but life got pretty hectic for me these past few weeks. I was in the middle of arranging a trip with some friends you see and so everyone was doing something and there was no time to send load or do anything else. But now that the trip is over I can tell you everything in this letter. I wanted call you up but you insisted on exchanging posts so I obliged.

About a dozen of us guys went to Munich to celebrate a friend’s birthday and get some much needed rest and relaxation in before the long work days ahead. Our arrival was just at the same time that Munich was holding its dark beer festival. The fest was like a mini Oktoberfest. So when we arrived we headed straight to Paulaner Beer Hall. I remembered that I was preparing to send load from Germany to the Philippines during this time. I wanted to because I was so amazed at how big this beer house was. I just wanted to tell what I’m seeing to someone. It did not seem like any old pub but resembled a stadium nonetheless. It was huge. Continue reading “Send Load From Germany to Philippines as I Walk in Munich”

Send Load From Kuwait to The Philippines

A contribution from a loyal Morbie customer:

I am an overseas Filipino worker stationed here in Kuwait. I have been working here with my husband for three years and this is the year that we get to bring our lovely daughter to stay with us here. Finally we can be a family just like we were back home in the Philippines. I can still remember all of those times when I needed to send load Kuwait to Philippines every single week so that our young daughter will be able to speak with us on a regular basis. We do not have the ability to go home as often as we would like and so we relied on the ability to send load Kuwait to Philippines whenever we needed to have a conversation or simply keep in touch with the relatives that we left behind. Continue reading “Send Load From Kuwait to The Philippines”

Send Load From Qatar to Philippines Anytime

Here in Doha Qatar there are a lot of things people are entitled to do like send load Qatar to Philippines if they wanted to. The only thing you should remember when you go here is that there are certain limitations to the things people can do but this does not mean that they are not free. People here can easily send load Qatar to Philippines if they needed to with no questions whatsoever. When it comes to the administration here in Doha the most powerful force to reckon with is our ruler, the Amir.

Qatar employs an emirate government where the laws are based on Islamic and civil law codes. Basically the Amir controls the discretionary system of law. When you send load Qatar to Philippines remember to also inform other people that although civil laws are being implemented in Qatar the Islamic influence on the law still has great power over family and personal matters. The people here have a very strong Muslim faith and this faith is somewhat reflected in everyday life including political concerns.

Continue reading “Send Load From Qatar to Philippines Anytime”

Bring Your 2 Homes Together – Send Load from Canada to the Philippines Now

Canada is where many overseas Filipino workers are staying right now, and they have all the reason to feel at home. It is a country known to have fair weather and good-natured people. But in case they need to connect to their fellow Filipinos, all they have to do is start sending load from Canada to the Philippines and they will be able to text their families and friends as much as they want.

With the help of such occurrences as the emergence of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Western Canada and the Philippines; contracts signed in Atlantic Canada; consistent hiring of workers in Central Canada; and increased activity in Northern Canada, Filipinos have become the largest Southeast Asian group in the country. Its government has adjusted the immigration laws and made them into more liberal ones, therefore welcoming more and more foreign laborers. In fact from 2001-2006, an average of 20,500 Filipino immigrants alone arrived in the country every year. Currently, around 500,000 Filipinos are there already, most of whom live in urbanized areas like the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or Vancouver. Continue reading “Bring Your 2 Homes Together – Send Load from Canada to the Philippines Now”

Have Nothing to Worry About – Just Send Load from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines

Anybody in Saudi Arabia can now send load to the Philippines. This is very good news especially for Filipino families with members working in the Middle Eastern country. For these people who have sacrificed being physically close in order to improve their lives for the future, a good system of communication is the least they can ask for. And fast communication is always better. With this service available, the family members abroad will have nothing to worry about since they can ensure a quick response to their texts by sending load to their family in the Philippines. Every time they need to talk during emergency situations or when they simply want some updates on each other, Filipinos in Saudi Arabia can now make sure that their loved ones at home are able to send them the important messages.

Just imagine being a father working in Saudi. You watch the news everyday to be informed about what’s happening in your home country, the Philippines. Suddenly one night, you witness reports about a strong typhoon that hit the lower part of Luzon. Your family lives in Antipolo, which is said to be one of the most affected areas. You tell yourself not to panic; the first thing to do is make sure they are ok. By recharging load online, you make it easier for them to communicate with you. You can also bring them the help they need through your other connections in the Philippines. You can take action even though you are in a different country.

What about when the holiday season is on? A service for sending load to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia will definitely be appreciated if you are an overseas Filipino worker in that country. Most probably, you would want to spend the occasion with your family in the Philippines but you may have agreed that it is best not to go home this time. Maybe you’re saving up to start a family business and travelling expenses will only prolong the wait before you can begin it. So how can you lessen your longing for your family with the least possible monetary expense? With this service, you can easily maintain a constant communication with them during this time of celebration.

A simple new offering from the world of telecommunications surprisingly makes such a big difference. With only an internet connection and a bank account as requirements, you can send load from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines and be virtually at home.

Sending Load from UAE to the Philippines – a Comfort You Deserve

Are you a hardworking Filipino in the United Arab Emirates? Do you send money and other living necessities to your family in the Philippines? If so, then why not do it the easy way?

Send load from the UAE to the Philippines through the internet! With just a few clicks, you will be able to give your family members those valuable cell phone credits that they will use to text or call when managing their daily activities.

Morbie is dedicated to giving you this service. Morbie has a range of load denominations (from Sun Cellular to Smart, to Globe) too so that you can choose how much to send depending on your budget or the recipient’s needs.

Around 4.3% of the overall population in the United Arab Emirates is formed by Filipinos like you. Most are overseas workers, who live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. They work in different industries of the country, including architecture, construction, cargo shipping, design engineering, energy, information technology, marketing, medicine, real estate, retail, telecommunications, and tourism or as domestic helpers.

So yes, we know that you work hard and that the fact that you can send load from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines will also be a big help for you. By sending load instantly, you also make it possible to communicate with your family and friends as soon as you want. You would not have to wait for them to buy from outside their houses or offices. And those unexpected zero load balance situations will never be a problem anymore for them as well. You can be the one to send load from UAE to the Philippines when you need for them to reply.

The large amount of remittances that are sent back to the Philippines because of your dedicated labor is very much appreciated. That is why everyone is doing what they can to make things easier for you as well. For more available transportation, airlines have already increased the number of direct flights from the UAE to the Philippines. And for better communication across the 2 countries, telecommunication companies are improving their services as far as they can.

Now that you can send load from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines, emergency situations where you have to talk to someone in the Philippines will already be hassle-free. At the very least, your hard work deserves little comforts like these.

Send Load to the Philippines from United States

Most Filipinos love to text and use their cellular phones to interact with their loved ones, whether they are near or far. The modern Filipino lifestyle includes using their cellphones for a variety of things—like getting news updates, entering lotteries, and even downloading music! So it is necessary for load balances to be maintained. Thankfully, Filipinos abroad can now send load to the Philippines from United States via online loading sites.

There is a fast and secured online reloading site that you can access to send (Smart) load to the Philippines from United States.  Just search for it on the internet to find the best site that caters to your reloading needs from wherever you are in the globe. So if you want to send load to the Philippines from United States, this site is always available for you.

The site is very accessible for people who want to reload. Also, the payment is not difficult as it could be done via PayPal, debit cards, and major credit card services. There’s no need for you to worry about the security of your accounts as these sites have been authorized to get your payment for the load.  So far, there have been no reported cases of failed services from any of the reloading sites so there’s no need to worry.

It is possible now for you to send load to the Philippines from the United States, whether you are in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Arizona, New York or anywhere. All you have to do is to log on so that you can get started.  Once you familiarize yourself with these sites, you can already send load to the Philippines regularly. You may use the site regularly whenever you want to send load to the Philippines from the United States.

For as low as Php 100, you may start to send load to the Philippines from the United States! The online reloading site caters to all cellular networks in the country so all you have to do now is to find the network that your contact from the Philippines is subscribed to. Don’t forget to double check the recipient’s name and number as those information are required for you to send load from an online site.  All transactions made through these online sites are secured so you don’t have to worry about your identity or about your personal accounts. Just make sure that you take note of the Terms and Services of the sites so that everything will go smoothly.

In a matter of minutes, your contacts in the Philippines will receive the online recharge they have sent. And what’s even better is that it is very affordable and easy. All you have to do is access the website and you can keep in touch with your contact in the Philippines!

Talk N Text Load Philippines

Often mistaken for the Talk N Text Tropang Texters, which is a professional basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association (the local version of the NBA), Talk ‘N Text is actually a brand or subsidiary of Smart Communications.

It differs from Smart Communications as it offers only prepaid services that are easily affordable by the more budget conscious demographic.

It offers a variety of Call or Text load types that easily gives the user the ability to choose from having more SMS capabilities or call minutes.

Since Talk ‘N Text Load Philippines is a subsidiary of the Smart network, it is categorized with the below prefixes:

  • 907
  • 908
  • 909
  • 910
  • 912
  • 918
  • 919
  • 920
  • 921
  • 928
  • 929
  • 930
  • 938
  • 939
  • 989
  • 999



The easiest way to load any Talk ‘N Text mobile number is by using Morbie Topup services. By using secure Paypal payment method your transaction online is 100% secure and hassle-free. Check out Morbie’s Send Load to Talk N Text page for more details.

Life with Touch Mobile Philippines

Touch Mobile is a unique brand under Globe Telecom that especially caters to blue-collar subscribers in the Philippines. Touch Mobile Philippines was created on September 12, 2001 and continues to grow up to today, offering a variety of services.

Some examples of the products offered through Touch Mobile Philippines are unlimited texting and even calls.

Since Touch Mobile is under the Globe Telecom network, the following prefix codes distinguish it from Smart and Sun Cellular:

  • 905
  • 906
  • 915
  • 917
  • 926
  • 927
  • 935
  • 936
  • 937



The easiest way to load any Touch Mobile number is by using Morbie eLoading services. By using secure Paypal payment method your transaction online is 100% secure and hassle-free. Check out Morbie’s Send Load to Touch Mobile page for more details.